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    Delete Cross-wiki spam[иш ясх]

    Press delete Spam and Cross-wiki spam Өөрд Демнчна туск меткән: Демнчна туск меткән: Демнчна туск меткән:Khalmykstan. Пугачов Иван Петрович (обсуждение) 00:33, 13 Ноха сарин 2017 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]

    Hi, I've deleted all the pages except Өөрд because I think it can have useful content on its first versions, but I don't speak the language so I can't be sure. I've deleted the other pages due to they had unuseful content, tests or vandalism instead of cross-wiki spam, they were not spam in my opinion. Regards.--Syum90 (обсуждение) 06:47, 14 Ноха сарин 2017 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]

    Өөрд[иш ясх]

    Please protect Өөрд for 3 days for sysop. Пугачов Иван Логачка (обсуждение) 12:02, 16 Ноха сарин 2017 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]

    Wikipedia:Бичлиһан[иш ясх]

    Please protect the article Wikipedia:Бичлиһан from anonymous vandalism. Пугачов Иван Петрович (обсуждение) 11:47, 4 Һаха сарин 2017 (UTC)Ответить[ответить]