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Халхин аһулһнь бусд келнд орчулгдад уга.

Hello, Gantuya. Thank you for your contribution. You are welcome to Kalmyk Wikipedia. I am one of admins, I am Kalmyk, another one is user Calmouk. What languages do you speak? Are you Mongolian, Kalmyk or maybe Russian? You can communicate with Calmouk and me in Russian. About Zaya Pandit I can certainly say that "Zaya Bandid, Зая Бандид" is Buriat and Mongolian spelling, but in Kalmyk Cyrillic such name is traditioanlly written as "Zaya Pandit, Зая-Пандит" hence in my opinion there is no reason to move this article. But I can arrange redirect from "Зая Бандид" to "Зая Пандит". The "move" (көндәх) tab is sixth on top of page. — Хуучин 13:55, 19 Үкр сарин 2009 (UTC)[хәрүлх]

Мэнд амар байна уу? I speak Mongolian, English and Russian. The spelling in the Traditional Mongolian script is "Bandita" ending with "a" matching the international pattern. I thought the Cyrillic version should also have "a". After I received your message, I looked up 2 dictionaries, and they spell it "Бандид" without final "a" in Cyrillic. So as for the Cyrillic version you are right. It's my personal taste that it's more beautiful with a final vowel. I can't find көндәх, but that's alright. I'm not gonna move it now. :) Gantuya 02:57, 20 Үкр сарин 2009 (UTC)[хәрүлх]
We don't have the name (Намхайжамцо) of the Pandita in the Kalmyk article here. Gantuya 02:57, 20 Үкр сарин 2009 (UTC)[хәрүлх]