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Hi! How are you doing? I see we can communicate in English at least :) Are you Oirad from China? Can you speak Oirad language? Calmouk 02:29, 21 Мөчн 2009 (UTC)

I'm not an Oirat, but I'm interested in Oirats. --虞海 09:25, 22 Мөчн 2009 (UTC)
Do you know any Oirad from China? Can you bring them here? We need to resolve issues regarding vocabulary and lexical rules. Calmouk 18:46, 22 Мөчн 2009 (UTC)
I've tried to seek some, but it seems it's hard to find one (It's ever harder to bring him here).
Perhaps, to find some, it's needed to go to Bayingol.
In China, they use Torghuud, Dorbod, Huxud and Dzungars as their tribe's name. And the education is Oirats in Hudum script or Charkhar in Hudum script. But still there're many people who uses Todo.
I've once enter the Baidu Tieba:
  1. In Torghuut Ba, there're many praise of Ubashi and many of the speaker are Han Chinese, some say "welcome back" or some.
  2. In Dorbod Ba, there're some Oirats but many irrevalant advertisements.
  3. There's no Huxud Ba, perhaps in Kokonur internet is not widely used.
  4. In Dzungars Ba, there're an article which made me sad: this (in English);
  5. The most hopefully one is the Oirats Ba, some Oirats resist the misrepresented history by a soap-operas of the Dzungars leader Galdan.
Of course there Mongolian speeched and websites, but I'm not able to drive into that. Perhaps you can, try En:Boljoo and Jangar Web Mongolian Page (using IE and you can browse it directly, needless to install anything).
P.S. In China, most people regards Oirats as Mongols and even themselves. So possibly what you find is all standard Mongolian informations. --虞海 12:35, 24 Мөчн 2009 (UTC)
I've questions, too: Does the concept "Kalmyks" covers all Oirats? incl. Torghuud, Dorbod, Huxud and Dzungars? What's the different between "Kalmyks" and "Oirats in Russia"? Why the word Kalmyk is so popular in Russia? I hear it a word origined from Bashkir language, means "foreigners". --虞海 12:39, 24 Мөчн 2009 (UTC)
  • We call ourselves Хальмгуд - Halmgud, thats why many people don't about Oirads. -- 13:38, 24 Мөчн 2009 (UTC)
Yes, "Kalmyks" covers all Oirads. It is Western historical name for Oirad people. It is like Western name "Chinese" does not match their original name. Staying in Russia without own state our people adopted this name as "Halmgud". The same has happened in China since Chinese Oirad people accepted name "Mongols" for themself. But historical Mongol sources write about "4 Oirad and 40 Mongol" meaning sharp difference between two nations. Calmouk 15:26, 24 Мөчн 2009 (UTC)
Oh, yes! Djangar is an alternative name of Җанhр. I think you can read Djangar Web Mongolian Page.
In China, there is distinguish between Oirats and Mongols, but most people do not care subdivision of an ethnic group (and this is the most serious problem). Since Qing dynasty, Mongols are distinguish between Southern Gobi (incl. Chakhars, Harchins, Ordos, etc.), Northern Gobi (incl. Khalkha) and Western Gobi (Four Oirats). --虞海 10:52, 28 Мөчн 2009 (UTC)
If I bring some Oirats in China here, can they write Hudum or Todo here? (Then perhaps there'll be 2 or 3 main page)--虞海 10:59, 28 Мөчн 2009 (UTC)

Xinjiang users[кодар ясврлх]

New user appeared here (User:Hoshud ming zai) who talks Chinese and Oirat. Thank you for your support! — Хуучин 20:29, 14 Мөчн сарин 2010 (UTC)[хәрүлх]

I meant to bring someone here, but sorry that till now I didn't reduct it to practice. So User:Hoshud ming zai's comming might be of no relation to me. Last year Xinjiang's Internet used to be a little like Kwangmyong Net, so I think User:Hoshud ming zai's comming might be a result of the reopen of Xinjiang's Internet.
Thank you for care of Oirats in Xinjiang and Kokonur!
P.S. As his name's "Hoshud", he/she might from Kokonur, rather than Xinjiang. --虞海 05:08, 15 Мөчн сарин 2010 (UTC)[хәрүлх]