Демнчна туск меткән:Edgar Meyer

Халхин аһулһнь бусд келнд орчулгдад уга.

Thank you for your contribution! -- 10:33, 7 Хулһн 2009 (UTC)

You are welcome! I am interested in the beginnings of the automobile, especially in Dr. Carl and Bertha Benz in Germany, but in automobile pioneers in other countries as well. My wife and I started the grass-roots project "Bertha Benz Memorial Route" (see German Wikipedia, English Wikipedia, etc.). If I can help you - it's my pleasure. Regards, Benutzer:Edgar Meyer, de.wikipedia.org, --Edgar Meyer 19:11, 7 Хулһн сарин 2009 (UTC)Ответить[хәрүлх]