Теңгсин Нутг

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Теңгсин Нутг
Principality of Sealand
Flag of Sealand.svg
Sealand Coat of Arms.svg
Coat of Arms
Motto: E Mare Libertas
(English: From the Sea, Freedom)
Anthem: E Mare Libertas by Basil Simonenko
Status Current
Location of Теңгсин Нутг
Area claimed 550 m2
Date of foundation 2 September 1967
Leadership The Bates Family
Organisational structure Oligarchy, constitutional monarchy
Language English
Purported currency Sealand dollar (pegged in value to USD) [1]
Capital HM Fort Roughs
Ethnic groups European, North American
Demonym Sealander
Claimed GDP US$600,000 (US$22,200 per capita)[2]
Time Zone GMT

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