Морокин Нутуг

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Морокин Нутуг

Kingdom of Morocco
المملكة المغربية

Al-Mamlakatu l-Maġribiyah
Tageldit n l-Maɣrib
Thajedjit n r-Meghrib
Уран"الله، الوطن، الملك"
"Allāh, al Waṭan, al Malik"  (transliteration)
"Yakuc - Tamurt - Agellid"
God - Homeland - King
Частр"Hymne Chérifien"
The striped area on the map shows Western Sahara, most of which is de facto administered by Morocco as its "Southern Provinces". Its sovereignty is currently in dispute.
Хотол БалһсанRabat
34°02′N 6°51′W / 34.033°N 6.850°W / 34.033; -6.850
Аһу Ик Балһсан Casablanca
Келн Arabic[1]
Орн нутугин улус  Arab-Berber 99.1%, other 0.7%, Jewish 0.2%[2]
Улусин нерн Moroccan
Залвр Constitutional monarchy
 -  King Mohammed VI
 -  Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi
Unification 780 
 -  Unified by Idrisid dynasty 780–974 
 -  Saadi Morocco 1554–1659 
 -  Alaouite Morocco 1666–present 
 -  Independence from France March 2, 1956 
 -  Independence from Spain April 7, 1956 
 -  Бүклдән 446,550 km2 (57th)
172,414 sq mi 
 -  Усна аһу (%) 250km² (0,056%)
Олн улус
 -  2009 estimate 31,993,000[3] (37th)
 -  2004 census 29,680,069[3] 
 -  Олн улусин нигитнь 71.6/km2 (122nd)
185,5/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2009 estimate
 -  Total $145.969 billion[4] 
 -  Per capita $4,604[4] 
GDP (nominal) 2009 estimate
 -  Total $90.815 billion[4] 
 -  Per capita $2,864[4] 
HDI (2007) 0.654 (medium) (130th)
Currency Moroccan dirham (MAD)
Цагин бус WET (UTC+0)
 -  Summer (DST) WEST (UTC+1)
Drives on the right
ТЛД .ma
Calling code +212
*All data excludes the Western Sahara, much of which is under Moroccan de facto administrative control.
1 French is widely used in official government texts, and by the business community, though neither instance is 'official.' Moroccan Arabic, an Arabic vernacular, is the most common native language. Amazigh or Berber languages are also widely spoken.

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