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''''' Greetings to the all Mongol-(chuudad)
Hi my name is Temka. I am from Mongolia. Sometimes people call us outer Mongolians. I belong to tribe of the Khalkha Mongol. My father was a Khalh Mongolian and my mother's side is belong to Sartuul Mongol tribe. I tried to understand Kalmyk language in this web but I could not figure out half of the words. That's why I writing my letter in English. I thought may be if Kalmyk person reads my message that person would not understand mine too. I would like to know about Kalmyk people. How they live what they look like. Because I love history, specialy Mongolian history. I've always heard about Kalmyk people but never seen any of them exept
Kirsan Yulumjinov (the President) and Tsagaan Zam throat singer. I love his songs. He has most beautiful songs. I have never heard Kalmyk accent or language. Every one in Mongolia knows least some thing know about Kalmyks but never seen them. I just wanna see
Kalmyks and know about them???
Sincerely Temka
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