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To Kalmyks
(To Kalmyks)
(To Kalmyks)
Krisan Yulumjimnov the president and Tsagaan Zam throat singer. I love his songs.He has most beautiful songs.I have never heard Kalmyk accent or language. Every one in Mongolia knows least some thing know about Kalmyks but never seen them. I just wanna see
Kalmyks and know about them??? Closest Mongolians( may be non Mongols just buryatsky chelovek
) in Russia is buryats. But they are no longer any Mongolians. They foregot their language and everything. Now days they considering themselves different nation called buriatia. Until 1958 their name of the Republic was used to called buryat Mongol. But bad Russians cut of name Mongol. I think ever since that they became no longer Mongol people. Sometimes when I see russian buryats they look just like monkey. Because if you see them they look fool, asian face, russian tong, cloths, characters and sad eyes. Even many Mongols now days considering them not Mongolians because of them. I think buryats are not Mongols but ashame of ancient Mongol. Few months ago I was watching mixfighting compition between Mongols and buryat men on tv . In the begining of the fight Mongolians had Mongolian national anthem and Mongolian tradtional long songs and our national flag. But buryats had russian world war 2 song and russian flag. They looked real monkey to me. May be they thought we were thiertheir worst enemy Nacies or Germans. Funny.They have no language, no tradtion, no song, no national pride, no national idenity NO NOTHING. I UNDERSTASND Kalmyks even have harder situations but do you have anything better? I wanna know everything about you? You foregot your language , custom, even national idenity because of the perscutions of the other nations but if your heart beating like Mongol that's the everything. Can you guys give me good informations and Photos of Kalmyks? life? '''''
Sincerely Temka
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