Коламбудин Орн

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Коламбудин Орн
Republic of Colombia
República de Colombia  эсп.
Уран"Libertad y Orden"  эсп.
"Liberty and Order"
Частр¡Oh, Gloria Inmarcesible!  эсп.
O unshrivelable glory!

Хотол Балһсан
(Аһу Ик Балһсан бас)
Bogotá D.C.
4°39′N 74°3′W / 4.650°N 74.050°W / 4.650; -74.050
Келн Spanish1
Орн нутугин келн улус The languages and dialects of ethnic groups are also official in their territories.[1]
Орн нутугин улус  57% Mestizo
21% Black
20% White
1% Amerindian.[2]
Улусин нерн Colombian
Залвр Unitary presidential republic
 -  President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón
 -  Vice President Angelino Garzón
 -  President of Congress Javier Cáceres Leal
 -  President of the Supreme Court Augusto Ibáñez Guzmán
Independence From Spain 
 -  Declared July 20, 1810 
 -  Recognized August 7, 1819 
 -  Current constitution 1991 
 -  Бүклдән 1,141,748 km2 (26th)
440,839 sq mi 
 -  Усна аһу (%) 8.8
Олн улус
 -  March 2010 estimate 45,393,050[3] (29th)
 -  2005 census 42,888,592[3] 
 -  Олн улусин нигитнь 40/km2 (168th)
104/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2009 estimate
 -  Total $401.966 billion[4] 
 -  Per capita $8,936[4] 
GDP (nominal) 2009 estimate
 -  Total $228.836 billion[4] 
 -  Per capita $5,087[4] 
Gini (2006) 52 (high
HDI (2007) 0.807 (high) (77th)
Currency Peso (COP)
Цагин бус (UTC-52)
Date formats dd-mm-yyyy (CE)
Drives on the Right
ТЛД .co
Calling code +57
1 Although the Colombian Constitution does not specify the Spanish as official language in all its territory, the native languages (approximately 75 dialects) are also official in their own territories.
2 The official Colombian time, (horalegal.sic.gov.co) is controlled and coordinated by the state agency "Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio".[5]

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